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For friends,
and friends of friends

Camp Hartland
Soldiers Road

BH20 5DU
Nr Wareham

13th, 14th & 15th May


The Midnight Alliance / High Shelf Remedy / Dead Horse Bay / Dr Beatroot / Laura Goucher / Hound Dogs For Hire / Panda Paws DJ's /

The Johnny Phillips Band / Danny Peacock / Yasmin Samadi / Jessie Dixon / 

 / Al Keddie (DJ) / Lisa Davies / 

Food & Drink

Dorset Sunshine Cider / Lively Brew / Boscombe Brewing Co. / Firkin Shed / The Rebel Pizza Co.


This is a not-for-profit event.  The tickets are to cover the costs of Site Hire, PA and to make sure the bands have their expenses covered


£35 Fri to Sun,
camping &

Wanna join?  Click this!

LOVE - For Friends and Friends of Friends

After the beautiful experience that was LOVE, LOVE 2 is building on the Fun and Friendship that we created together.

Still existing as an Invite only event, and with a max capacity of 150 people, our LOVE Collective will be invited to bring whatever they have to offer to make this an amazing, friendly and relaxed event.

LOVE is not-for-profit, but there will be a charge to attend which will cover the site, infrastructure and artists costs. The Ethic is that nobody should 'Pay-to-Play' and we aim to cover all the costs of the bands and artists that contribute.

Finally - This is not a Festival - It's a gathering for friends and friends of friends. How do you get in?  Well... if you are part of the collective and you want to bring someone you can invite them to this group and as long as they book their spot, they're welcome, but space is limited so we all need to look after each other to make sure the ethos is maintained. And remember, The site has limited capacity so we need to be mindful of that aswell.



Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. Yep, of course but remember you're in a place where people and horses live.  Clean up after your dog and if you think your dog will get excited by the horses keep them on a lead.

Q. Are there bands on Sunday?
A. Nothing is programmed. It's a day for chilling and getting together to play games, play music around the fire and enjoying each others company.

Q. Whats the booze situation?
A. We will have a bar with an honesty box so you can buy locally brewed beer and cider for a reasonable price.  And you're also welcome to bring your own.

Q. Whats the food situation?
A. We recommend that you bring food for the weekend, but we also hope to have a small cafe where you can buy food.  Watch this space for more info.

Q. What facilities are there?
A. Toilets, Showers, washing up facilities and drinking water are available on-site.

Q. What is the site?
A. It's a camp-site, but its also someone's home so please respect it.

Q. What about litter and recycling?
Please take home any litter, there are no bins or recycling on site.

Q. Can I have a fire?
We will have a central fire, but you'll also be able to have fires if you want to (as long as we aren't in a very dry period..)

Q. Can I stay on Sunday night?
A. You can, but it turns back into a regular campsite on Sunday Night so you might have to pay the owners £10pp.

Q. So what am I paying for?
A. Your money pays for your camping and the associated campsite facilities.  It also covers the cost of the Musicians camping because the policy is that 'nobody pays to play'. Any additional money will be used to cover the travel costs of musicians and to fund the next event.



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