Guided by intuition, skill and a bit of luck

My process for making #Jewellery doesn't involve drawing what I want to make, I'm just not that kind of maker. I don't have the desire to sit and think things through in that way. My process involves taking inspiration from styles that I see on places like #pinterest or from styles and techniques of other #Jewellers that I follow on Instagram or Facebook. Or I will see a stone that I really like and the inspiration will hit me and I'll work to the design that I see in my minds eye. Not very technical eh? I'm just more intuitive and I like the way that I can let the process lead me in new directions. It's why I love to use #Reticulation so frequently in my work. The unpredictability of how the metal will flow and re-form to leave textures and patterns is so fascinating and beautiful. You just can't plan it.

Take this Cuff #Ring for example. The metal for the band was what was left at the end of a sheet of #silver. I just decided to see what I could do with it. I started by texturing it with a ball peen hammer. I like to start reticulations this way, I find that the different thicknesses of metal created by the hammer hits can create some great #textures when you reticulate. Next I lit my torch, heated the silver and watched as it turned from black to a rich red, then as the surface started to become molten I used the flame to guide the metal, withdrawing the flame when I wanted it to cool down to settle or to stop it overheating and turning into a blob . I particularly love it when I put a torch on it and the edges soften as they have here. For the stone, I had this Teardrop #Peridot and I wanted to contrast the Bezel against the band by making it smooth and shiny. So thats what I did and I love the result.

So with this ring there was a happy marrying of using a leftover piece, a randomised texturing process and a precise stone setting. It's a very typical example of the process that I go through. There were millions of ways that the final finish could have looked, but the perfection that was achieved was largely through having trust in the process and in my ability to use what I have and turn it into something of #beauty.

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