Fail and Fail again!

Learning is about failure, success is about failing better. My purpose for writing this came from reading too many posts on forums that asked questions for which the answer could only really be 'Just give it a go!'. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising people for asking questions, but it struck me that there is a lot of fear of failure out there, and that fear is the thing standing in the way of success. Hopefully here I can encourage you to let go of that fear and just see how you get on. When I started to work with #Silver it was at a night school course in my local #art college. The same one, as it happened that I had done my degree at several years before (BA Hons in Arts and Event Management in case you're interested). Before I started my course I made the decision that I would try everything and fail as much as I could so that I could use my teachers #knowledge to learn how to overcome the problems. It seems strange but my mantra was 'What can I #fail at today?', and through those failures came success. Every mistake was an excuse to #learn. Eventually I made these 2 rings which are a bit scrappy, the #bezels are too high and not very neat but they were the result of a number of failures that I needed to make before I got it right.

The pile of scrap in the main picture here is the result of a number of failures. They sit in a box waiting for the day when I just melt them down and give them another chance at being a piece of jewellery. Nothing is lost, the time was well spent. I learned a lesson.

So keep trying, keep failing, keep learning and keep #succeeding.